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4 Dua to convince for something

Dua for persuasion

In this article, we intend to offer you important duas in Islam to convince someone for something. Many times it happens to us that we want to attract someone’s opinion and be able to change their mind. By using dua to convince someone for something, you can quickly persuade someone you care about to agree with you.

You should read the duas we offer you carefully and according to the wazifa given to you. You need to focus enough when reciting the dua and pay attention to the meanings of the phrases you recite. You must also be sincere and your Niyah should be for Halal things. Join us as we explain the most powerful duas for conceiving others.

Dua number 1

To be able to convince the person you want, it is necessary to act according to the wazifa that we explain to you. The first dua to convince someone for something that should be recited is in fact one of the ayats of Surah Fatir. The wazifa of this dua is as follows:

  1. Do ablution (perform wuzu) first and sit in a clean place.
  2. Read the ayat 22 of Surah Fatir (35), 111 times
  3. Imagine the face and name of the person you want to change his/her mind in front of you.
  4. Do this for up to 11 days.

You can recite this dua at any time of the day, and you will achieve what you want after 11 days, Inshallah.

Dua number 2

 The second dua is useful for controlling a person you want and you can use it to control the mind of the person to make him accept doing a specific task. You must be careful that this action and your intention is not to the detriment of that person and hurt him/her because the evil will attract to you.

You should recite this dua to control someone’s mind that we offer in such a way that you recite this dua every day and after every Namaz (Salah), and before and after reciting it, recite the Dorud Sharif. Do this every day and continue until the day you get results. The mentioned dua is as follows:

“sallallahu ala muhammad sallallahu alaihi wasallam”

Dua number 3

The third dua to make someone change their mind that we refer to here should be recited before the Maghrib Azaan. After reciting this dua, you should ask God to fulfill your hajat. he will help you and you will get what you want soon, Inshallah.

Also, if you want to reach the result sooner, you can recite it after each salah plus after Maghrib Azaan. The said dua to make someone change their mind is actually the Ayat 69 of surah Anbiya.

Dua number 4

Here is the fourth dua to convince others. You need to recite the following dua 571 times when you are in a situation where you want to convince someone. God willing, your problem will be solved quickly. Here is the text of dua to make someone agree to what you say:

“la hawla wa la quwata illa billahil aliel azeem”

As we have said before, in using the dua to convince someone for something, you should not use it to harm anyone, because the evil goes back to you. Muslims should always ask for good for their brothers and sisters, and in this case, God will give them back more good and blessings.

In addition to reciting these duas, you can also try to convince the other person by talking and loving and use making dua to ask God to help you. So, if you use these powerful duas to get what you want for good intentions and Halal Niyah, God will help you and you will get what you want too soon, Inshallah.

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